Get Your Object

New Mexico

The SDSS telescope in New Mexico

Hello! This is Galileo again. You’ve heard Mr. Geldorp’s advice, and now you get to practice yourself. Your monitor will show an object as seen by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) telescope in New Mexico. I wish I had a telescope as good as the SDSS!

Below, you will find links to 12 objects. When your teacher gives you a number, click on that number to get your object. You will travel back to the 1600s, doing astronomy like I did. Look at the object’s image, think about Mr. Geldorp’s advice, and make the best sketch you can. When you finish, click “Done” to return to this page.

Object #1Object #5Object #9
Object #2Object #6Object #10
Object #3Object #7Object #11
Object #4Object #8Object #12

One of your classmates – another astronomer – is looking at the same object you are. After you draw, you’ll pair up with him or her and compare drawings. Then, you’ll find another partner, who will try to guess which object you drew.

Hints: What details are most important? What can you draw to help someone guess the right object? How can you show which parts of the object are brightest? If you have trouble drawing a part of a galaxy, write some notes on your drawing that describe it.