Teacher Guides

Welcome to the index of teacher guides for the educational project on SDSS Voyages! These projects teach STEM concepts using data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey – the same data that professional astronomers are using to unlock the secrets of the Universe.


Focused skill-based trainings on a single topic, designed to take no more than a single class period. These activities teach the essentials of a specific topic, and can be used as references when you get stuck or set the stage for success in more complex Launch and Expeditions work.


Activities in this section should take no more than three class periods and involve the exploration of a specific astronomy or engineering concept using SDSS data. They are designed for introductory-level students.


These longer projects may require one or more weeks to complete and are suitable for intermediate and advanced students who are already familiar with the topics in the Preflight section. These projects are ideal for motivated high school students or university students taking an introductory course in astronomy.

Research Challenges

Long-term, self-paced research projects for advanced, motivated students

We are constantly improving our projects and developing new ones to be even more effective in STEM education. If you would like to get involved, email us at voyages@sdss.org!