Accessibility Resources

This is a collection of educational resources which relate specifically to increasing the accessibility of astronomical learning.

BVI-Accessible Redshift and Distance Lesson Plan
This classroom activity tailored to blind and visually impaired accessibility which explores the relationship between an object’s distance from Earth and its redshift. It starts by building a basic understanding of perspective and apparent size, then applies that knowledge in sorting galaxies by distance, and finally introduces redshift and galactic spectra in order to connect redshift to distance.

BVI-Accessible Redshift and Distance Lesson Materials (ZIP download)
This link connects you with the materials you will need to conduct the Redshift and Distance activity.

Touching the Stars: Making Astronomy Accessible for Students With Visual Impairments
An article which describes the importance of making astronomy accessible to all students, including those with impairments. It collects many teacher resources in order to accomplish that goal and explains how one program, Skynet Junior Scholars, has allowed blind and visually impaired students to engage with astronomy.