SDSS Plates for Education

Through our program “Plates for Education”, SDSS distributes used plug plates to educators at formal and informal educational institutions. Plates are distributed via SDSS Institutions and accompanied by a custom-made poster showing the patch of sky the plate was used to observe, a package of educational materials, and training on the use of SDSS Voyages.

A plate of your own is not necessary to conduct the majority of Voyages activities, but the ability to hold a physical piece of the survey can add true wonder to the classroom experience. If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact us, and we will help to link you to your nearest SDSS Institution.

If you already have a plate

If you already have a plate, see the My Plate page to learn what your students can do with it!

In addition, we have put together a number of resources to help you become familiarised with the plate, and use it in a classroom context.

An introduction to SDSS plug plates from our Preflight section.

SDSS Plate Resources A collection of more in-depth resources about SDSS plates, and a selection of hands-on activities that make use of the physical plates.

Plate Browser This page gives you easy access to GIF images of individual spectra on a given plate.