Quick Look – Sidebar

Summary: This is the information that you are currently looking at in Quick Look.

Explore: Sends you to the Explore page for the object that is currently open in Quick Look.

Search by: Allows you to pull up a Quick Look summary for any object in SDSS.  There are many different ways of identifying an object in SDSS.  For more help with this feature, see the SDSS Searches page.

Notes: A number of SkyServer display pages are linked to a notebook feature that allows you to keep track of interesting objects and download a chart of these objects to your computer.  See Notes for more about how this function works.

Finding Chart: This SkyServer tool allows you to adjust the magnification and field of view to match almost any telescope so that you can more easily find your SDSS target on an image from any telescope.

Print: Click here to send the Quick Look summary to your printer.  Prints perfectly with no extra frames.

Help: Provides a video tour (Tutorial) and some interesting objects to view in Quick Look to get you started