2MASS and SDSS Images

Go to Famous Places on the Data Release 16 SkyServer website. Click on Galaxies, and find NGC 4753. Look at its image. Then click the link to the 2MASS Data. Type NGC 4753 for the object name and click Submit. Scroll down until you see an image of the galaxy. You should now have two images of NGC 4753, in two separate windows.

Question 4. How do the two images appear different? What do they have in common?

Question 5. Based on these two images, what do you think are the advantages of looking at an object in the infrared instead of the visible spectrum?

Let’s look at a couple of more objects and see how they are different in the infrared.

Exercise 2. All the objects below are in Famous Places on the Data Release 16 SkyServer website. Browse through the six categories of Famous Places and find their images. Look up their images in the 2MASS data. Compare and contrast the images for three or four of the objects.

NGC 4437

NGC 936

NGC 3521

NGC 1087

NGC 5334

NGC 5750

NGC 799 & NGC 800 (same frame in SDSS)