Expedition to Galaxies Beyond the Milky Way

If you are ready for an Expedition to the Galaxies, you have already developed some necessary skills using the Sloan Digital Sky Survey data. Galaxies are very important imaging targets in the SDSS. The depth of the data is amazing, and the scientific questions that can be explored, vast. Your Expedition to the Galaxies can go in many directions.
Technology and observation often spiral together in the processes of scientific questioning: Questions arise from the observation of some phenomena. The search for data to answer these questions often creates a need for new or enhanced technology. The use of this new technology can result in the observation of a new pattern or may call into question previous conclusions. And thus a new round of experimentation and data gathering begins.
This is the process that you will encounter during your Expedition to the Galaxies. Your skills and the technology you are able to take advantage of will determine your starting place. Begin by carefully considering what you know about galaxies and about the data available in the SDSS.
When you have completed the inventory, review the expedition descriptions and choose one that matches your skills and interest.



Galaxy Color


  •  I have questions about the colors we observe in galaxies.
  •  I am familiar with the Hubble tuning-fork diagram
  • I understand the magnitude scale and how it used along with filters to define the color of objects.
Recommended: complete Launch – Galaxy Shapes



  • I have questions about weirdly shaped galaxies
  • I am familiar with galaxy shapes
  •  I understand how astronomers define and use color measurements
  • I understand the difference between absolute brightness and apparent brightness.
Recommended: complete