Launch –¬†It’s time to take off!

These activities are designed to take no more than three class periods and involve the discovery of an astronomy or engineering concept using SDSS data. For example, in the activity Launch РStar Color, students use their Preflight training in filters (Preflight РFilters) to discover the nature of a magnitude scale and the need for multiple filter measurements to compare star colors.

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The Launch section itself is structured to support the development of an accurate mental model of the Universe. Launch activities are grouped in order of distance from Earth. 



Launch to SDSS

Let’s start here on Earth exploring the SDSS itself. This section enables students to explore the SDSS telescope, its associated instruments, and how data are stored and retrieved.
What is the SkyServer My Special Place

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Launch into the Solar System

Activities in this section explore objects found within our own solar system, such as asteroids and planets.
Solar System






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Launch into the Milky Way

Almost all of the stars in the SDSS database reside within our own galaxy, the Milky Way.


Constellations Stellar Spectra Star Color Stars as Blackbodies

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Launch into the Cosmos

Millions of galaxies and hundreds of thousands of quasars far beyond our own Milky Way have been observed by the SDSS telescope.
Redshift Galaxy Shapes Color Magnitude Diagram