Activity Descriptions

All of the Voyages activities are listed on this page, grouped by level (Preflight, Launch, Expedition) with links to teacher guides where they exist.


Preflight trainings are designed to build content knowledge and skills. They highlight the essential elements of a topic and should take no more than a single class period to review. Preflight pages also act as a reference for more complex Launch and Expeditions activities.

Preflight Training Descriptions


Activities in this section should take no more than three class periods and involve the exploration of a specific astronomy or engineering concept using SDSS data. They are designed for introductory-level students.

Launch Activity Descriptions


These longer projects may require one or more weeks to complete and are suitable for intermediate and advanced students who are already familiar with the topics in the Preflight section. These projects are ideal for motivated high school students or university students taking an introductory course in astronomy.

Expeditions Activity Descriptions