Your Constellations

The constellations below were created by kids like you! Each display shows the constellation’s stars (from the SkyServer notebook). Click on “Navigate” to see the star in the Navigation tool. Each also has a picture (from SkyServer) and a story about how it became a constellation.

Constellations from Marist College, Canberra

The Blunt Smile

by Sam D.

Blunt Smile
objId type ra dec    
587731511531995190 STAR 18.70000772 -1.03172769 Explore Navigate
587731511531995209 STAR 18.71997039 -1.03359723 Explore Navigate
588015507666960405 GALAXY 18.69932833 -1.05213147 Explore Navigate
588015507666960416 GALAXY 18.72215215 -1.05845402 Explore Navigate
588015507666960419 GALAXY 18.71069123 -1.05527471 Explore Navigate

Notebook saved on Monday, July 30, 2007 7:12:00 PM

The arrows point to the stars of the Blunt Smile constellation. Notice the red streak that forms the mouth. This is the trail of a satellite that happened to pass by when the image was taken, then moved away. So this was a temporary constellation! Sam D. found it from a picture that was taken when the satellite trail was there, but the satellite trail isn’t there anymore.

The Fish

by Brad F.

The Fish
objId type ra dec    
587731511531929706 GALAXY 18.62473119 -0.84446568 Explore Navigate
587731512068669465 GALAXY 18.18039206 -0.48041566 Explore Navigate
587731512069062727 GALAXY 19.17786714 -0.45097677 Explore Navigate
588015508203503699 GALAXY 18.04910203 -0.8217718 Explore Navigate
588015508203896966 STAR 18.8567543 -0.76093632 Explore Navigate
588015508204027962 GALAXY 19.22826631 -0.6843753 Explore Navigate

Notebook saved on Wednesday, August 01, 2007 11:06:21 PM