Temperature and Peak Wavelength

Quantitatively, the relationship between temperature and peak wavelength of thermal radiation – for a hot plate, a star, or anything else in the universe – is:

lpeakT = 2.897 x 10 -3 m K,

where lpeak is measured in meters and T is measured in degrees Kelvin

(273.15 K = 0 C = 32 F).

Click here for an example of how to calculate peak wavelength.

Practice 2. At room temperature, 300 K, what is the peak wavelength of radiation emitted by the hot plate in Angstroms (1 Angstrom = 10-10 meters)? If the plate glows a dull red (lpeak = 6500 Angstroms), what is the plate’s temperature?
Practice 3. The Sun has a peak wavelength of thermal radiation lpeak = 5300 Angstroms. What is the Sun’s average temperature?
Did you Know?