Getting to know your plate

These resources relate to the SDSS plates, with activities you can do to engage with and better understand the information contained on them.

What Have You Got on Your Plate?
Whether you are using your plate in a classroom or planetarium, you will want to know how to find information about the objects on your poster.

SDSS Plate Carrier Sling
A guide to constructing your own sling in order to simplify the transportation of individual plates.

BAO Activity 2015
A presentation and classroom activity illustrating how the SDSS-III BOSS and SDSS-IV eBOSS surveys are using measurements of galaxy clustering to test theoretical models of the expansion history of the universe.

SDSS Locating Drill Holes
Offers two methods of matching holes on an SDSS plate with their corresponding astronomical objects to allow for further exploration.

Plate Packet Introduction
An explanation of how the SDSS-III BOSS data can be extrapolated into a three-dimensional map of galactic distribution by understanding redshift.

Anatomy of a Plate
Describes the purpose and meaning of each element of an SDSS aluminum targeting plate.

Make an SDSS CD Spectroscope
Make your own spectroscope using simple household materials and use it to measure the spectra of common light sources.


Workshop Resources

This is a catalog of resources which may be helpful for coordinating and organizing your own workshop on SDSS plates, such as accompanying documents and example schedules.

Plate Packet Cover Letter
A brief document shipped alongside every SDSS aluminum targeting plate and a matching poster of the image data taken using the plate.

Spectroscopic Plate Certificate.
Official certificate awarded along with an SDSS targeting plate.

Sample Agenda for Plate Workshop (1)
Emphasis on other ability learners.

Sample Agenda for Plate Workshop (2)
Emphasis on interacting with SkyServer.

Sample Agenda for Plate Workshop (3)
Emphasis on Voyages activities.

SDSS Host Institution Agreement