Activity Descriptions


Before you take off, be sure to check out some of the need-to-know information about the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Many familiar topics such as magnitude take on additional meanings when viewed through the SDSS database. Start here, and visit often if you find yourself confused by a topic or concept. Don’t forget, if you run into an SDSS-specific topic you want to hear more about contact us!
Activity Descriptions Preflight


If you are ready for an adventure, try a launch activity. No one who takes off will encounter the same data, so be ready to think and question. Choose a destination for your flight from the list below. Remember, if you want to see this list grow, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.
Activity Descriptions Launch


Below is just a sample of the Expeditions we have planned for the Voyages website.  Try out one of these, and you may find yourself ready and eager to plan your own journey.  Sign up to receive notices as we add to this section.
Activity Descriptions Expeditions


We have chosen a simple star ranking system to denote the general difficulty level of the activity.