The Universe Teacher Notes

This project introduces students to the idea of the “universe” – the totality of all stars and galaxies – then takes them through the evidence that the universe is expanding. The discovery of the expanding universe was one of the greatest revelations of 20th Century astronomy. Students will make a “Hubble diagram,” named for the astronomer who first made one, for galaxies from the SkyServer database.

The links below give more information about the project.

  • Overview gives a description of the project, its target audience, and the concepts it teaches
  • Background gives scientific background about the project, including references, to help you answer student questions
  • Lesson Plan gives all the information you will need to teach this project in your classroom
  • Teaching Tips gives specific advice on how to use each stage of the project
  • Assessment gives ideas for evaluating student work
  • Standards links this project to national science, math, and technology standards.