Mapping the Solar System Teacher Notes

This project teaches students how professional astronomers map out the objects in our solar system. Students learn the relationship between 2D and 3D maps and between terrestrial coordinate systems and celestial coordinate systems. Using SDSS data, they create a map of the asteroids in our solar system as seen from earth and measure the angle of the ecliptic. This gives them the tools and understanding to work out the cause of the seasons for themselves.

  • Overview gives a description of the project, its target audience, and the concepts it teaches
  • Background gives scientific background about the project, including references, to help you answer student questions
  • Lesson Plan gives all the information you will need to teach this project in your classroom
  • Teaching Tips gives specific advice on how to use each stage of the project
  • Assessment gives ideas for evaluating student work
  • Standards links this project to national science, math, and technology standards